National Park

A Whitelist PVE/RP


Server Rules

Golden Rule = Please be kind, respect one another and have fun!

  • NO behavior approximating PVP
  • NO Raiding, griefing, trolling, flaming, or harassment
  • NO Looting survivors or their property
  • NO Damage to survivor or admin-provided structures and/or property
  • NO Unsolicited entry into others' private structures (excludes public structures open to all)
  • NO Cheating or exploiting of any kind
  • NO Spamming of chat or voice
  • NO Defamatory, bigoted, phobic, or incendiary language of any kind over chat or voice, nor any in-game usernames or signage reflecting the same sentiment
  • NO Impersonating an admin, moderator, or owner
  • NO Excessive and/or redundant structures that may impose undue stress on the server

Also, and just as important, please respect everyone’s psychological boundaries, personal privacy and map proximity to one another. Don’t make it weird.

Find your way in Persephone

We are pleased to offer our visitors an interactive map of the park to help guide you and assist you in your search for adventure!

Locate Park Amenities Open Live Map
PNP Forest Service Park Rangers

Park Rangers

Persephone Park Rangers (admins) and the PNP Forest Service are always taking care of the park and its visitors.

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Services for the public good.

Persephone Search & Rescue

Search & Rescue

Persephone Search & Rescue provides emergency response, conducts coastal patrols, and pilots aerial surveys to ensure park safety.

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