National Park

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Plugins & Settings


  • Backpacks
  • BetterLoot
  • BotSpawn
  • Economics
  • FancyDrop
  • Fishing
  • FurnaceSplitter
  • InstantCraft
  • NTeleportation
  • NoFuelRequirements
  • Portals
  • Quests
  • QuickSmelt
  • RainOfFire
  • TruePVE
  • Zombies: On

Player Assist

  • AutoDoors
  • BGrade
  • CorpseDuration
  • CustomSpawnPoints
  • Discord Reporting
  • Friends
  • KillFeed
  • PersonalHeli
  • PlaytimeTracker
  • Position
  • RemoverTool
  • Rescue Request
  • RustRewards
  • SignArtist
  • SpawnMini
  • SpawnBoats
  • ZLevelsRemastered
  • Idle Kick: Off

Server Assist

  • AliasSystem
  • ConsoleMessages
  • CopyPaste
  • CupboardNoDecay
  • DMBuildings
  • HumanNPC
  • Logger
  • NoDecay
  • NoRepairDelay
  • PathFinding
  • Rustcord
  • ServerRewards
  • SmallGeneratorBuff
  • SmoothRestart
  • StackSizeController
  • Whitelist
  • ZoneManager


  • AdvertMessages
  • ConnectMessages
  • CustomChatCommands
  • CustomLootSpawns
  • GUIAnnouncements
  • ImageLibrary
  • InfoPanel
  • PlayerRanks
  • ServerInfo
  • Spawns Database
  • TimeOfDay
  • WelcomeMessages
  • Decay: Off
  • Upkeep: Off
  • Radiation: Off
  • Stability: Off

Helpful Answers

Common questions regarding the effects and/or usage of these plugins

A list of available commands can be found in-game via the /help menu and on our support page:

Support:    Chat Commands

Teleport based commands (e.g. /outpost, /garage, /quests, etc) have a 10 minute cooldown and a limit of 10 uses per 24 hour period to encourage map traversal and mitigate teleportation spam.

Unlike some servers which utilize overall gathering multipliers, Persephone uses ZLevels. Gather rates are unique to the individual and increase based on your activity. The more you do (cut wood, mine nodes, skin animals, acquire resource prefabs), the faster your level increases for each category of effort. As you level up each category, the yield becomes higher over time. Our level cap is currently 100. Use /statsui in chat to show/hide the on-screen ZLevels UI and /stats for a summary of your progress.

Persephone uses Betterloot to control our crate, barrel, and airdrop loot distribution. Our definitions are similar to vanilla probabilities, with slight buffs given to item tiers, item proliferation, and provided quantities in some cases. Electrical items, water distribution items, engine parts, and vehicle modules are excluded from the loot table in order to mitigate over-saturation of these item categories in crates, thus increasing the probability for more standard and necessary tiered items to spawn that a player would expect and need in the park.

Alternatively, all of these excluded items (electrical, RF, water distribution, CCTV, engine parts, vehicle modules, etc) are available for purchase (with Economy dollars, crafting-equivalent amounts of HQM/tech trash, or price-matched amounts of scrap) at Persephone Outpost Village and Persephone Mechanic Garage & Parts Store.

For electrical & plumbing items, visit Sparky, our NPC electrician, inside Persephone Outpost Village. Use /outpost in chat to travel there.

For vehicle items, visit Persephone Mechanic Garage & Parts Store. Use /garage in chat to travel there.

Because Persephone is a monthly wipe server with no minimum playtime requirements, we have disabled both decay and upkeep. These changes allow our members to come and go as they please, without the risk of their efforts being forsaken.

Additionally, we have also disabled radiation inside Persephone for the sake of park traversal. We want to ensure that our members have unconditional access to all monuments to both learn and enjoy them.

The most convenient method is to configure a keybind. While in game, press F1 to open your console and, assuming you have nothing bound to your B key, enter the following command: bind b Now you can open your backpack inventory quickly by pressing your B key. Otherwise, you can use the /backpack command (or use the /b shortname) in chat.

While in Persephone, money is deposited into your Economy balance for exterminating "infected" threats, combating Cobalt soldier scientists, farming nodes, acquiring resource prefabs, hunting, looting crates, busting barrels, and more.

When you utilize /home or /tpr (teleport request to another survivor), $200 is deducted from your Economy balance each time.

Furthermore, you can:

  • Visit the park merchant via /outpost to shop the store's available goods
  • Visit Sparky's Electrical & Plumbing via /outpost to shop for electrical, plumbing/farming, and CCTV goods
  • Visit Maverick's Minicopters via /outpost to purchase a minicopter
  • Visit Persephone Water Recreation Area via /fishing to purchase necessary gear for fishing
  • Visit Henry's Boat Shop via /boating to purchase a small boat or RHIB
  • Visit Serenity Cove Defense Tower via /heli and purchase your own personal visit from an attack helicopter

Beyond the default AirWolf location in Bandit Camp that allows you to purchase both minicopters and scrap transport helicopters using scrap, you can also use your Economy balance at Persephone Outpost Village to purchase a minicopter.

Type /outpost in chat to travel to Persephone Outpost Village

Once there, head to the helipad and approach Maverick, our flight instructor, and hit your Use (E) key to load his Store menu. Choose Commands from the top row of available buttons. Here you'll see a Buy Minicopter option that can be purchased using your Economy balance. Additionally, choose Resources from the available buttons and the option to purchase low grade fuel is also available.

Beyond the default Fishing village locations along the coast of Persephone that allow you to purchase both small boats and RHIBs using scrap, you can also use your Economy balance at Persephone Water Recreation Area to purchase a small boat or RHIB.

Type /boating in chat to visit Henry's Boat Shop at Persephone Water Recreation Area

Once there, approach Henry, our boat vendor, and hit your Use (E) key to load his Store menu. Choose Commands from the top row of available buttons. Here you'll see both Buy Small Boat and Buy RHIB options that can be purchased using your Economy balance. Additionally, choose Resources from the available buttons and the option to purchase low grade fuel is also available.

Your new boat will appear in front of you (directly behind Henry) within the open portion of his boat dock.

To view available quests, begin a quest, check the status of your active quest(s), or to receive your rewards for a successfully completed quest, type /quests in chat to visit our park Quests Vendor in Persephone Outpost Village. Approach the vendor and hit your Use (E) key to load the Quests menu. Your active quests are available in the Your Quests portion of the menu.

Apart from crafted fish traps, you yourself can go fishing, too! Approach a freshwater lake or the ocean coast and, while remaining in relatively shallow water, arm yourself with a wooden spear, a stone spear, or a bow (any type) w/ arrows and strike/shoot the water below and around you. You have a randomized chance to catch a largemouth bass, rainbow trout, catfish, or bluegill. Fish can be gutted and cooked for an excellent source of protein and hydration. For a protected fishing experience, use the /fishing command in chat to travel to Persephone Water Recreation Area. Additionally, visit the NPC merchant there to purchase necessary fishing gear using your Economy balance.

If you have building priviledge on a structure, enter the /remove command in chat (or use the /r shortname) and approach the entity you wish to destroy. Pay particular attention to the UI that appears in the top left of your screen, as it will indicate what entity the remove tool is currently registering within your immediate proximity (as you look around). Once the UI shows the correct entity and you're ready to remove the item, left-click to destroy it. When you're finished, type /remove (or /r) again to end your remove tool session. Be careful with this tool and where you aim it, as all actions are irreversible.

First, place your foundation(s) (on land, on an ice lake, in water of reasonable depth, in a cave, or atop an iceberg), deploy a tool cupboard, and authorize on it. Once you're ready to add this location as a home, stand on a foundation and enter the following command in chat: /home add [name] (e.g. /home add west). Then, for example, to return here from elsewhere in the park, you'd type /home west in chat. You are limited to three (3) home locations. Using /home or /tpr (request teleport to another survivor)) to travel will deduct $200 from your Economics balance each time, and will fail if you cannot afford it. Use the /home command in chat (without any arguments) for more options regarding home management.

By default, AutoDoors is enabled for everyone and doors will automatically close after five (5) seconds. Alternatively, you can customize your doors (those which you have tool cupboard access to) in four (4) ways:

  • To toggle (enable/disable) autodoor behavior completely, type: /ad
  • To adjust the auto-close delay, type: /ad all [seconds] (e.g. /ad all 10)
  • To toggle (enable/disable) autodoor behavior for one single door you're looking at, type: /ad single
  • To toggle (enable/disable) autodoor behavior for the type of door you're looking at, type: /ad type

For more information, type: /ad help

Beyond the default right-click (single), right-clicking the slider (custom), middle-mouse (half), and shift+middle-mouse (third) behaviors, Persephone utilizes FurnaceSplitter for futher assistance. Once you open (E) a campfire, fireplace, grill, small furnace, or large furnace container, a UI (user interface) element titled Furnace Splitter will be visible beneath the contents of the opened container, allowing you to configure how many stacks to split the resources into automatically upon moving them in to the container.

FurnaceSplitter will remember the most recently used stack count you set for each type of container (listed above).

FurnaceSplitter will also automatically calculate and move the necessary fuel (typically wood) into the container along with your resources — it will be the precise amount required to cook/smelt the resources you are splitting.

Additionally, you can utilize the Trim Fuel button on the UI to return any unnecessary fuel (typically wood) back to your inventory and avoid waste.

To receive a visit from your very own personal attack helicopter, type /heli in chat to travel to Serenity Cove Defense Tower. Once inside, ascend to the 6th floor to the armory. Approach Buster, our armorer, and hit your Use (E) key to load his Store menu. Choose Commands from the top row of available buttons. Here you'll see a Call Heli option that can be purchased using your Economy balance.

Any attack helicopter you call using this method will be coupled to you specifically, forbidding anyone else (except those on your in-game team that can help you fight it) from looting the crates it will drop upon its destruction. It will also not target anyone else other than you and/or your teammates. If you die to the heli, be sure to type /heli to return to the tower or the heli will follow you to where you've respawned.

While we can neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of reports regarding "zombie"-like persons in the park, we do acknowledge an unknown but active threat to our members and wildlife population. Our Park Rangers are currently assessing the threat and will release information as it becomes available. In the mean time, please travel safely, arm yourself, and be ready to protect your person and property.

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