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Terms & Conditions

I All NEW members are subject to a mandatory two (2) week probationary period during which your overall behavior will be assessed for compatibility with Persephone and its members.

II Membership status may be revoked at the sole discretion of the Park Rangers, as a result of repeated warnings or any singular offense deemed too severe. Any reprimand, probation, suspension, or membership decisions will always be communicated to the member directly in due course1. The individual may appeal any decision after 24 hours via a Discord voice interview. DO NOT appeal publicly in a Discord channel or harass a Park Ranger in response to their decision. Once a decision to revoke a membership has been made, the individual must wait thirty (30) days before applying again.

III Three (3) consecutive warnings (regardless of grounds) issued by Park Rangers will result in an immediate one (1) week suspension from Persephone. The member may appeal any suspension after 24 hours via a Discord voice interview. DO NOT appeal publicly in a Discord channel or harass a Park Ranger in response to their decision.

IV We value all member feedback in regards to server rules and the etiquette of other members. Please use the proper PRIVATE channels for reporting such issues. You should use the in-game /report chat command to send a private report to the Park Rangers or message a Park Ranger directly on Discord. (See Also: Member Support)

V All in-game and out-of-game member related issues, server performance feedback, server feature feedback, commentary on new feature or gameplay ideas, technical bugs, or in-game issues should be submitted via the in-game /report chat command or via a support ticket on Persephone's Discord server. (See Also: Member Support)

VI Role playing (RP) is an interactive social activity for people with the ability to improvise an in-game narrative. RP is NOT required in Persephone National Park. Participating in another member's role playing is also NOT required, but participation, even momentarily, is still appreciated. Sadly, roleplaying can be tarnished by someone who is unable to improvise appropriately, breaching common rules of etiquette. Any RP behavior deemed to infringe upon our core rules and values surrounding mutual respect, or defamatory, bigoted, phobic, and incendiary language, in-game names, and signage should be reported and will be dealt with accordingly.

VII Prospective applicants who are also live streamers and/or content creators on platforms including (but not limited to) Youtube, Twitch, or Facebook Gaming may be considered for membership under special circumstances. However, content creators are generally exempt from membership consideration. Members should not publicly live stream or record their gameplay as a source for channel content during their time inside Persephone unless given expressed permission from Park Rangers. Inquire on Discord w/ Park Rangers about such permission. Notwithstanding, private gameplay streaming to our community via Discord 'Go Live' functionality is absolutely allowed.

VIII Persephone restarts automatically every 12 hours (Pacific Standard Time (PST), UTC−08:00) to maintain desired levels of server performance. (Adjust this schedule to your timezone) Members are given a 30 minute warning ahead of every restart. Announcements in chat at 30, 15, 10, 5, 3, 1 minute marks, and a countdown until the actual restart is always provided. Successful restarts are announced in the #server-updates channel of the Discord by our bot, Persephone, letting members know when the server is back online and available once again. You should take these restarts into account when inside Persephone National Park. Persephone National Park and its Park Rangers are not liable for progress regressions, lost items, or damage dealt due to inappropriate positioning during an automated restart.

IX Map entity wipes are forced by Facepunch monthly server updates (typically the first Thursday of each month, barring any delays or production conflicts on their behalf). (See information about when the next wipe will occur) We currently do NOT have control over whether our map gets wiped or not. It will. Period. However, your friendly Park Rangers do offer the convenience of copying and replacing (pasting) structures of members across the wipe to ensure you don't lose a beloved home or project you're working on. Every forced wipe will be prefaced with an opt-in notice in our Discord, soliciting responses on whether each member would like to have their structure saved. This service is limited to a total of one (1) independent structure per member. Persephone National Park and its Park Rangers are not liable for your structure or the state of it after being replaced (pasted) back after the server wipe has occurred. We will, of course, make a concerted effort to ensure things are copied correctly and replaced (pasted) accurately. One possible suspension of this "copy" service is if the monthly server update forces a procedural regeneration of the map geography along with the entity wipe. This typically happens when a new land-based monument or map feature (ring road, for example) is introduced in an update and the terrain (topography, rocks, trees, rivers, islands, etc) have to be procedurally reset to accommodate the new changes. Under these circumstances, we cannot replace (paste) your structure back exactly where and how it was and, accordingly, the "copy" service will be suspended for that month. (See Also: More details on how to participate)

X Our Discord serves as our primary and only reliable method of communication with applicants and members. Therefore, your presence is required in the Discord server in order to pursue an interview and to maintain an active membership. There are no requirements for participation and/or interaction, but your presence is necessary for the intended dissemination of information and alerts. We may, at times, also solicit your feedback on features, ideas, or changes. However, we will never force you to participate in any way. We simply require you to be present, in whatever limited capacity you choose, in the event that we need to communicate with you. An intentional departure ("Leave Server") from our Discord will be interpreted as a deliberate relinquishment of your membership and we will assume that you intend to discontinue playing in Persephone National Park. Consequently, your departure will result in the suspension of your membership. In the event of an accidental departure or change of heart, you may appeal this suspension after 24 hours via a Discord voice interview. DO NOT appeal publicly in the Discord lobby or harass a Park Ranger in response to this suspension.

1 Exception will be made for intentional departure from our Discord server. Please refer to clause 10 (X) for further details.

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