National Park

A Whitelist PVE/RP


Plugins & Settings


  • Backpacks
  • BetterLoot
  • Economics
  • FancyDrop
  • Fishing
  • FurnaceSplitter
  • InstantCraft
  • NTeleportation
  • NoFuelRequirements
  • Quests
  • QuickSmelt
  • RainOfFire
  • RemoverTool
  • SignArtist
  • TruePVE
  • Zombies: On

Player Assist

  • AutoDoors
  • BGrade
  • CorpseDuration
  • CustomSpawnPoints
  • Discord Reporting
  • KillFeed
  • PlaytimeTracker
  • Position
  • Rescue Request
  • RustRewards
  • ZLevelsRemastered
  • Idle Kick: Off

Server Assist

  • AliasSystem
  • BotSpawn
  • ConsoleMessages
  • CopyPaste
  • CupboardNoDecay
  • DMBuildings
  • HumanNPC
  • Logger
  • NoDecay
  • PathFinding
  • Rustcord
  • ServerRewards
  • SmoothRestart
  • StackSizeController
  • Whitelist
  • ZoneManager


  • AdvertMessages
  • ConnectMessages
  • CustomChatCommands
  • CustomLootSpawns
  • GUIAnnouncements
  • ImageLibrary
  • InfoPanel
  • PlayerRanks
  • ServerInfo
  • Spawns Database
  • TimeOfDay
  • WelcomeMessages
  • Decay: Off
  • Upkeep: Off
  • Radiation: Off
  • Stability: Off

Helpful Answers

Common questions regarding the effects and/or usage of these plugins

A list of available commands can be found in-game via the /help menu and on our support page:

Support:    Chat Commands

Unlike some servers which utilize overall gathering multipliers, Persephone uses ZLevels. Gather rates are unique to the individual and increase based on your activity. The more you do (cut wood, mine nodes, skin animals, acquire resource remnants), the faster your level increases for each category of effort. As you level up each category, the yield becomes higher over time. Our level cap is currently 100. Use /statsui in chat to show/hide the on-screen ZLevels UI and /stats for a summary of your progress.

The most convenient method is to configure a keybind. While in game, press F1 to open your console and, assuming you have nothing bound to your <B> key, enter the following command: bind b Now you can open your backpack inventory quickly by pressing your <B> key. Otherwise, you can use the /backpack command (or use the /b shortname) in chat.

Apart from crafted fish traps, you yourself can go fishing, too! Approach a freshwater lake or the ocean coast and, while remaining in relatively shallow water, arm yourself with a wooden spear, a stone spear, or a bow (any type) w/ arrows and strike/shoot the water below and around you. You have a randomized chance to catch a largemouth bass, rainbow trout, catfish, or bluegill. Fish can be gutted and cooked for an excellent source of protein and hydration. For a protected fishing experience, use the /fishing command in chat to travel to Persephone Water Recreation Area.

If you have building priviledge on a structure, enter the /remove command in chat (or use the /r shortname) and approach the entity you wish to destroy. Pay particular attention to the UI that appears in the top left of your screen, as it will indicate what entity the remove tool is currently registering within your immediate proximity (as you look around). Once the UI shows the correct entity and you're ready to remove the item, left-click to destroy it. When you're finished, type /remove (or /r) again to end your remove tool session. Be careful with this tool and where you aim it, as all actions are irreversible.

First, build a structure (on land, in a cave, or atop an iceberg), place a tool cupboard, and authorize on it. Once you're ready to add this location as a home, stand on a foundation and enter the following command in chat: /home add [name] (e.g. /home add west). Then, for example, to return here from elsewhere in the park, you'd type /home west in chat. You are limited to three (3) home locations. Using /home or /tpr (request teleport to another survivor)) to travel will deduct $200 from your Economics balance each time, and will fail if you cannot afford it. Use the /home command in chat (without any arguments) for more options regarding home management.

By default, AutoDoors is enabled for everyone and doors will automatically close after five (5) seconds. Alternatively, you can customize your doors (those which you have tool cupboard access to) in four (4) ways:

  • To toggle (enable/disable) autodoor behavior completely, type: /ad
  • To adjust the auto-close delay, type: /ad all [seconds] (e.g. /ad all 10)
  • To toggle (enable/disable) autodoor behavior for one single door you're looking at, type: /ad single
  • To toggle (enable/disable) autodoor behavior for the type of door you're looking at, type: /ad type

For more information, type: /ad help

When you utilize /home or /tpr (request teleport to another survivor), $200 is deducted from your balance each time. Also, you can visit the park merchant via /outpost and shop his store of available goods.

While we can neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of reports regarding "zombie"-like persons in the park, we do acknowledge an unknown but active threat to our members and wildlife population. Our Park Rangers are currently assessing the threat and will release information as it becomes available. In the mean time, please travel safely, arm yourself, and be ready to protect your person and property.

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