{{-- --}} Persephone Bot - Persephone National Park - A whitelist PVE/RP Rust server

National Park

A Whitelist PVE


Persephone Bot
  • Asynchronous file-based loaders for commands, events, flags, responders, and timers
  • Custom command controller w/ alias search, permission inspector, cooldown tracker, channel auth, and argument validator
  • Complete uMod whitelist/membership remote management system
  • Dynamically generated credentialed command list (shows only relevant commands user is authorized for)
  • Laravel webhook integration for SQL transactions
  • Custom RCON handler
  • Google Forms integration
  • Synchronized in-game weather conditions and game clock (time of day) from server instance
  • Modular event controller
  • Centralized template-based language control
  • Full promise-based process handling
  • Custom command flag contextual menus
  • Keyword auto-responders w/ threshold management
  • Scheduled task timers w/ pre & post actions
  • Custom role manager
  • Member polling
  • Automated forced-wipe opt-in survey for copy&paste services
  • Automated photo gallery approval synchronization with Laravel view integration
  • Custom error handler
  • Custom log handler
  • Artisan CLI RSS feed sync integration
  • Automated log auditor
  • How-to/FAQ relay handler
  • IP geolocation
  • Game server connection spam monitor w/ auto-ban
  • Remote uMod plugin management
  • Game server chat integration
  • Custom ansicolor-coded verbose console handler
  • And more...

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PNP Forest Service Park Rangers

Park Rangers

Persephone Park Rangers and the Persephone National Park Forest Service are dedicated to taking care of the park and its visitors.

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Services for the public good.

Persephone Search & Rescue

Search & Rescue

Persephone Search & Rescue provides emergency response, conducts coastal patrols, and pilots aerial surveys to ensure park safety.

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